We expect to see a bigger haircut trend in 2019 with more men taking the leap for something different. The important part about the new men’s hairstyle is getting textured added through, especially for those with thick or straight hair. 


The surprise re-emergence of the buzz cut! The slight difference with the 2018 buzz cut is it’s less likely to be a traditional. The 2018 buzz cut will see more men going buzzed on top with a grade between a 2-5 and then adding a short fade/skin fade on the back & sides to add some variation to the cut.
The buzz cut is perfect for those of you who want to have a few weeks without needing to worry about styling your hair! Expect to see a lot of cuts in between the buzz and crop too, e.g. Caesar cuts and crew cuts.

Short Textured quiff haircut

David Beckham switched his long locks for a shorter textured quiff haircut earlier in the year and many men have followed suit. It’s perfect for the summer in between haircut who don’t want too much styling to do in the morning. This haircut is all about the texture on the top to give you that messy, unstructured look. Ask your styles to add texture and they will likely either do this through point cutting or texturizing scissors. 

Long textured quiff haircut

Same as the short textured quiff haircut just longer. The long textured quiff will be slightly different in that it will still require some styling in the morning, Use the same styling process as the short textured quiff but add hairspray giving an added hold. Blow drying will give you real volume through the quiff, so learn how to use your hair dryer properly!

Classic short back & sides haircut

A great haircut for men who work in an office. The classic short back & sides will never go out of fashion and popping in Dunkirk with Harry Styles sporting it. This style is with a heavy grease or oil based product back when it was originally popular in the 30s-40s but keeping the haircut looking natural. If you want to switch it up slightly then you can also add a low fade or taper around the back & sides to give it a nice modern look.

Natural side parting haircut

The classic side parting redefined slightly.

The natural side parting is a classic slicked parting and brings it in line with the other more natural, textured, matte cuts that we’re seeing today. It’s the perfect smart haircut for summer. No one wants in summer is a slicked heavy haircut that drips oil when you get it wet. This style is Great for guys who want a smart look, but still want to keep things natural. Use a medium-strong hold matte paste to finish.

Long and wavy hair

With the summer approaching, men are looking for a way to make those locks more summery. A lot of men are looking to go full buzz or crop it down but slightly switch it up without taking off much length the wavy tousled look maybe the way to go. Use a sea salt spray to pre-style to help you get those beach ready locks and if you want some added hold then use a hairspray to finish.

The mod haircut

This one is back in 2019 and certainly isn’t one for everybody! If you do want to switch up your style then the mod is the way to go! Often sported by the likes of Liam Gallagher and Paul Weller, the mod haircut is a great casual look.Use a matte finish product like the Regal Gentleman Matte Clay to style and finish with hairspray to keep it in place.

The Soft Undercut

The undercut haircut is the style from 2016 and now with Brad Pitt Fury cut being popular especially when paired with a long beard & tight fades came back in. Keep the fade clean on the back & sides and don’t go as harsh as say a Peaky Blinders style undercut for a smart casual look that can be rocked in the office or on the beach on holiday. Use a salt spray to prestyle and then finish with a matte clay or paste.